Graduate Research Colloquium: Dr David Ferreiro Carballo (Complutense University of Madrid)

The Spanish National Opera: A History of a Long and Fierce Debate

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Throughout this lecture I will make a review of the historical debate surrounding Spanish national opera, a complex ideal that had many definitions due to differing opinions on the matter. In this sense, most Spanish composers of that era (1800-1915) participated in these discussions, offering solutions that could be summarized in three tendencies, all of them, of course, with their hybrids and half-way points: first, considering the genre of Zarzuela as the only legitimate inspiration for the Spanish opera; second, following the Italian opera tradition but using the alternate Latinate language of Spanish; and third, introducing stylized Spanish folk music into an international operatic style, the so-called “Nationalism of the Essences.” I will end my talk explaining a new research project I am currently developing: the influence of German lieder in Spanish opera, a transnational influence that is still uncover by the historiographical discourses on the debate

David Ferreiro Carballo gained his Ph. D. in Musicology at Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2019 and holds a Master in «Spanish and Hispano-American Music» in the same university (2015). For the realization of his doctorate, he enjoyed a four-years contract for the Training of University Teachers funded by the Ministry of Education (FPU), which allowed him to devote full time to his dissertation about the first two operas of Spanish composer Conrado del Campo; as well as to complete two three-months stays at Yale University as Visiting Assistant in Research (2017 and 2018). His lines of research focus around Spanish music and musicians of the 19th and 20th centuries, with special attention to the following areas: analysis and music theory, Nationalism, Regionalism and musical identity, critical edition and recovery of the repertoire, Spanish lyrical theatre, associationism, musical institutions, and wind bands. He won the National Prize of Musicology (2020), given by the Spanish Musicological Society (SEdeM).


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