'How to Prepare for Just About Anything’ with Dr Diane Baxter

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We are delighted to welcome Dr Baxter to give a session about musical performance called How to Prepare for Just About Anything’.

In this session Dr Baxter explores:
How to understand the musician’s body as an athlete, and how you can use this to prepare pieces
Learn some of the causes of performance anxiety, 
Basic neurological functions, and the brain, and how they assist us in performance
What causes performance anxiety and strategies of how to use that understanding to do your best under duress, when it matters most in performance.

Preparation and working around and with performance anxiety are integral things to all performing musicians. They need to be understood so that you can make long-term strategies and productive habits.  For this reason the Music Faculty is scheduling this event early in the academic year to support students to put down these strategies in the months ahead as they look to make the best progress they can whilst looking after their own wellbeing.

Professor Emerita Dr Diane Baxter is an international soloist and collaborative pianist based at the West Oregon University, USA. Her training is primarily from a long tradition of Hungarian musicians including Bela Boszormenyi-Nagy and Gyorgy Sebok: a tradition which famously values the mental preparation that goes into musical performance, and highlights the need to focus on the musician’s body as an athlete.