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The Coronation of Charles V as Holy Roman Emperor was widely regarded by contemporary sources as the greatest civic event of the Renaissance. Although the fractious political situation created by the Sack of Rome in 1527 necessitated the ceremonies’ transfer to Bologna, the occasion surpassed in scope any prior Imperial Investiture. The city of Bologna was transformed into an idealised replica of Rome, bedecked in ornate Triumphal Arches evoking the Caesar epoch, and the great Basilica of San Petronio (itself, one of the largest churches in the world), beautified by the Pope’s own craftsmen to mimic St Peter’s. 

The elaborate coronation ceremony on 24 February 1530 has seen various artistic depictions, many of which expand the vivid descriptions offered by observers of the decadent outerwear worn by Charles’ enormous entourage. However, whilst much scholarly attention has been afforded to the Coronation’s political significance, a thorough musical reconstruction has yet to have been undertaken. In the stunning italianate surroundings of St Barnabas Jericho, itself modelled as a Northern Italian basilica, LUCEAT will offer an immersive reconstruction experience of this seminal moment in 16th century history. The two chapels of Charles V and Pope Clement VII who undoubtedly offered the music of the ceremony numbered among their membership some of the finest composers of the day, including Gombert, Festa and Thiebault. Although debate has raged over the exact content of the musical performances, the latest research now firmly ties these composers to Bologna.