RETUNE Festival: Karpeyev-Razumovskaya Piano Duo and Music Faculty Students in Concert

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We are delighted to welcome pianist Alexander Karpeyev to Oxford to perform alongside the Faculty's Director of Performance, Maria Razumovskaya. In this concert, they will perform music from Arnold Bax, Amy Beach and Elena Langer. The concert will also include performances of Rhian Samuel's 'Time out of Time', Bernd Alois Zimmermann's Viola Sonata, Gubaidulina’s Serendae-Toccata and 'The Mappeth hadst an X Yond Meaneth Nothing' written by Master's student, Juliet Merchant. We do hope you will come and join us for a wonderful evening of music-making!


This concert forms part of the 'RETUNE Festival', taking place between the 26th February and 8th March - A festival celebrating the commitment, courage and creativity of underrepresented music-makers.


Leokadiya Kashperova Two Roses from Au Sein de la Nature

Alexander Karpeyev - Piano


Juliet Merchant Orange Blossom, Constancy at the Edges

Juliet Merchant - Piano


Rhian Samuel Time out of Time, No.5 Harmonium

Eleonora Savvidou-Missouri - Cello

Alexander Karpeyev - Piano


Juliet Merchant The Silhouetter of Winter Trees (Premiere)

Momo Ueda - Violin

Ynyr Pritchard - Viola

Eleonora Savvidou-Missouri - Cello


Bernd Alois Zimmermann Viola Sonata

Holly Gowland Skew

Ynyr Pritchard - Viola


Juliet Merchant The Mappeth hadst an X Yond Meaneth Nothing 

Sofia Gubaidulina Serenade Toccata

Tom Bruges - Guitar


Amy Beach Suite for Two pianos Founded upon Old Irish Melodies Op.104

Alexander Karpeyev - Piano

Maria Razumovskaya - Piano