RETUNE Festival: Off the Beaten Track

Free entry, no registration required.

This concert by students from the Music Faculty shows how far off the beaten track women have ventured in creating music that sets new frontiers. Contemporary outlooks and jazz blur the boundaries of genre and style, and showcase the fun that comes in doing so.

This concert forms part of the 'RETUNE Festival', taking place between the 26th February and 8th March - A festival celebrating the commitment, courage and creativity of underrepresented music-makers.


Fanny Hensel String Quartet in Eb Major (Romanze)

Tabitha Hopper String Quintet

Cecilia Loughney - Violin

Samuel Oliver-Sherry - Violin

Anneka Vetter - Viola

Aaron Rambow-Czarny - Cello

Arthur Bird - Double Bass


Rebecca Clarke Morpheus

Anneka Vetter - Viola


Alice Coltrane Blue Nile

Peng Yuwen Paper Eagle

Dorothy Ashby Games

Alice Hill - Soprano Saxophone

Momo Ueda - Piano


Chick Corea 'Children's Songs'

Biba McCrindle - Piano


Ning Zhang Three Art Songs (UK Premiere)

1. Chao Zhong Cuo: “Dream Lotus”

2. Tian Jing Sha: “Autumn Thoughts”

3. Yu Mei Ren: “Spring blossoms, Autumn moon, When will the turning of the seasons end?”

Betty Zhaoyi Yan - Voice

Jennifer - Piano


Cecilia McDowall Four Shakespeare Songs

Rosanna Milner - Voice

Maria Umbert Kimura - Piano


Ariana Pethard 2023 Shakespeare Anthem 'Mother', 'Windows' Main Title, 'Darkest Recollections - from Musical Tess of the d'Urbervilles' and 'Capriccio Affettuoso'

Ariana Pethard - Piano


Joelle Leandre Taxi

Giuliana Tritto - Double Bass