Tableaux Vivants with Laura Tunbridge, James Gilchrist, Anna Tilbrook

Tickets £12, can be booked via the Oxford International Song Festival website.

Laura Tunbridge Speaker

Anhad Arora Speaker

James Gilchrist Tenor

Anna Tilbrook Piano

Presented in association with the Oxford International Song Festival.

What to expect Tableaux vivants, or living pictures, were popular ‘audiovisual’ entertainments in early 19th-century Germany, with elaborately costumed casts posing during musical performances. The Mendelssohns and Schumanns were fascinated by them, and this recreation of such a gathering features their music alongside that of Spontini, with songs that were intended for specific tableaux vivants.

The Artists The world-renowned duo of James Gilchrist and Anna Tilbrook perform side-by-side with talented students from the Faculty of Music, with the scene set by two fascinating speakers, Laura Tunbridge and Anhad Arora.

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