Versatility: What performers of classical music can learn from other musical genres with Tamar Halperin

Free Entry, no registration required.

Oriel College's Visiting Fellow in Music, Tamar Halperin (keyboard player), will discuss how the performance of Baroque and Classical music can be influenced by performance practices drawn from other types of music.

You can read more about Tamar here.

Oriel College’s Visiting Fellows in Music, Andreas Scholl (countertenor) and Tamar Halperin (keyboard player), continue their tenure with a residency over 4th week. All three events taking place are open to all!



Highlights include:

'The Animal in You' A film by Andreas Scholl - Tuesday 31st October, 8pm (Harris Lecture Theatre, Oriel College).

'Progress in Singing' a lecture with Questions - Wednesday 1st November, 8pm (Harris Lecture Theatre, Oriel College).