RETUNE Festival: Women, Two Pianos and More

Free entry, no registration required.

We are incredibly excited to have the opportunity to showcase students from the Faculty of Music in this lunctime concert, featuring music for two pianos. This concert will include works by Emilie Mayer, Claude Debussy, Amy Beach and Edward Elgar, just to name a few. The concert will also include performances of two student compositions, Biba McCrindle's 'Rings Retelling' and Ariana Pethards 'Whirlwinds' for two pianos. This concert is not one to be missed!

This concert forms part of the 'RETUNE Festival', taking place between the 26th February and 8th March - A festival celebrating the commitment, courage and creativity of underrepresented music-makers.


Ariana Pethard Whirlwinds for two pianos

Ariana Pethard - Piano

Biba McCrindle - Piano


Biba McCrindle Rings Retelling for two pianos

Biba McCrindle - Piano

Ariana Pethard - Piano


Clara Schumann Warum Willst Du And’re Fragen

Kirsten Fernie - Voice

Daniel Reynolds - Piano


Edward Elgar Violin Sonata, Op.82 (3. Allegro non troppo)

Cecilia Loughney - Violin

Jeremy Nohel - Piano


Amy Beach Romance

Diana Chang - Violin

Joe Sollis - Piano


Lili Boulanger Prelude for Piano in Db

Sophia Short - Piano


Claude Debussy Petite Suite

Eilishe Lim - Piano

Max Ren - Piano