'Yoga of the West': Music and Wellbeing session with Dr Tim Pyper

Free entry, please register your interest in attending here.

Being aware of your body to reduce stress and prevent injury should be high up on all your New Year Resolution lists! Finding an inner balance is great for your wellbeing, and of course this will reflect in your music-making. Alexander Technique is often called the 'Yoga of the West'. It is a body-mind process that takes tension out of the body. Expect a lot of emphasis on breathing, relaxation which will help with anxiety; freeing tension in the head, neck and shoulders; lengthening the back to enhance poise and improve posture - reducing chance of injury and helping to relieve pain. However, unlike other non-musical exercises these are dynamic exercises that are designed to work with and around your instrument. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to benefit from the expertise and one-to-one consultation of Dr Tim Pyper who will be leading an introduction and exploration of the key concepts, body mapping and exercises with you.  

Do come for parts of the session if you cannot make all of it.

Please bring a book about 3-4cm think (about 1 inch); yoga mats are optional.  Here is a little information ahead of one of the key poses for musicians that forms the basis of the technique: https://alexandertechnique.co.uk/learning-it/semi-supine.

Tim will then apply the 'big picture' to the specific requirements of your specific instruments. Volunteers are encouraged for this session.