Annabelle Page

Degrees BMus (Hons), MA (Musicology) (Sheffield)
Course DPhil Musicology
College Magdalen College
Address Magdalen College
Oxford OX1 4AU

Music in Renaissance Italy; music and early modern visual culture; music in early modern Europe; the history of opera; the life and works of Claudio Monteverdi; music and astrology, astronomy and philosophy

I will be researching the critical reception of Claudio Monteverdi in the time of his first audiences (c.1600-1700), in order to elucidate his impact upon, and position within the history of music. Focussing on a collection of case studies, which will address both key topics and large gaps in Monteverdian musicology, I will provide a more pragmatic picture of how Monteverdi and his works were received. My supervisor is Professor Christian Leitmeir (Faculty of Music).


(Forthcoming) “Music and Love in Sigismondo Fanti’s Triompho di Fortuna (1526)” in Music, Gender and the Erotic in Italian Visual Culture: Early Music special issue.

(Research assistant) T. Shephard, S. Raninen, S. Sessini, L. Stefanescu. Music in the Art of Renaissance Italy (ca.1420-1540). (Harvey Miller Publishers, 2018).

Conference Papers

“Patronage In Absentia: Marcus Sitticus and the music of Claudio Monteverdi”, Oxford Brookes University, OBERTO conference (07/07/2019)

“Music in Sigismondo Fanti’s Triumpho di Fortuna (1526)”

University of Sheffield, Music and Visual Culture conference (15/06/2019)

University of Sheffield, RMA annual student conference (11/01/2019)

University of Maynooth, Medieval and Renaissance music conference (10/07/2018)