Dr Emanuela Vai

The Bate Collection Manager is responsible for the overall management and development of all Bate Collection activities. She arranges research and student study within the collection and hosts visiting academics and researchers. She is responsible for curatorial matters and care of the collection including managing the catalogue, records and archives, receiving donations, conservation of objects and all interpretation matters. The Manager is the primary port of call for all enquiries regarding objects in the Collection, providing individual advice and correspondence.

The Bate Collection Manager arranges family and community events, concerts, recitals and gallery talks. She coordinates museum education activities including taught school sessions, evening classes, specialist instrumental workshops and summer schools. The Manager arranges partnership activities with special-interest groups and other local and national organizations.  She is also responsible for publicizing the collection in local, national and international publications, journals, radio and television. The Manager is secretary to the Bate Committee, the Friends of the Bate, member of the Committee of the Galpin Society and secretary of the Musical Instrument Collections Subject Specialist Network. She is also a member of the Institute of Conservation, the Museums Association and the International Council of Museums.