Jim Hickson

Degrees BA (Hons) Music, SOAS University of London; MMus Ethnomusicology, SOAS University of London.
Course DPhil in Music
College St John's College

The musics of Africa and the Islamic world, musical circulation and diffusion, music and identity formation, the "world music" industry, sound archives, organology, ethnomusicology.

The African One-String Fiddle in Africa and Around the World: Performing Instruments and Instruments Performing - exploring the cross-cultural diffusion, transmission and meanings of the one-string fiddle in Africa, and its place within a globalised world. Supervised by Prof. Jason Stanyek.

“Examining the Success of Malian Music As World Music”. 2022. African Music 11(3): 55-70. https://doi.org/10.21504/amj.v12i1.2430.