John Pierce O’Reilly

Degrees MusB (Manchester), MSt (Oxon) 
Course DPhil Music
College Oriel College
Address Oriel College, Oriel Square, Oxford, OX1 4EW

aesthetics; music and philosophy; popular music; music in the digital age; social aesthetics; rap studies.

My project centres on grime music in England’s capital.

Since its genesis in London in the early 2000s, grime has emerged as an important vehicle for the articulation of minority experience in contemporary Britain and continues to perform a crucial role in the formation of identities among marginalised communities. Exploring grime’s musical and social aesthetics, my project seeks to provide a nuanced account of the sound world grime inhabits, and to understand how the music is not only shaped by wider social and cultural processes, but also its potential to influence social processes as a space in which listeners can model, enact, and experiment with social relations and identities.

Publications: O’Reilly, John Pierce. “Szymanowski’s Third Symphony: Tradition and the Orient.” Nota Bene: Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Musicology 12.1 (2019).

Forthcoming publications: O’Reilly, John Pierce, “‘A Mass can never interest, but only dumbfound us’- Chorus and ‘Chorality’ in Wagner’s late Music Dramas.” The Wagner Journal (2021).