Stephanie Franklin

Degrees BA (Oxon), MMus (KCL)
Course DPhil Music
College Christ Church

early twentieth-century Austria, especially Vienna; interwar history; cultural history; women’s history; music reception; music writing and journalism; Jewish studies; exile studies; urban studies; social network analysis

My thesis, ‘Jewish women and musical culture in interwar Vienna’, takes as its case studies some of the Jewish women at the heart of interwar Viennese culture and considers the ways in which they were engaged with musical culture, broadly defined, and how this changed over the course of the interwar period. The subjects of my study have often been overlooked by musical studies, where their engagement with music as journalists, salonnières, teachers, and more, where recognised at all, has been considered too marginal to be taken into serious consideration. Recognising musical activities as more than composition and performance, my project embraces the less explicitly ‘musical’ yet significant actions of Jewish women in interwar Vienna which had ramifications for musical culture. My research is supervised by Prof Laura Tunbridge and Dr Joanna Bullivant.

Clarendon Fund

Prelims: Foundations in the Study of Music; Nationalisms. FHS: Musical Thought and Scholarship; The String Quartet Between Classicism and Modernism; Eighteenth-Century Opera.