Stephanie Shon

Degrees B.Mus(Hons), M.Mus Melb
Course DPhil in Musicology
College Hertford College
Address Catte Street Oxford OX1 3BW

twentieth and twenty-first century music; music and politics; music and anthropology; cultural policy; social theory; music analysis. 

My research, supervised by Prof. Samantha Dieckmann examines the cultural politics of Australian art music composition between the 1960s and the 1990s. This period marked a seminal moment in Australian musical history and can be considered as the genesis for the state of the field today. Specifically, I am analysing how the production and distribution of art music composition during this time was shaped by the relation between cultural institutions and the wider ‘field of power’ (i.e., government policy, influential groups, and individuals etc). Through this examination, I aim to reveal how certain composers and styles acquired or were granted canonic status during this period.

Ramsay Centre World Postgraduate Scholarship

Rae and Edith Bennett Postgraduate Travelling Scholarship