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Refer to Bate Collection Loans Procedure, 2018, Appendix A


  1. The following list of instruments has been provided for orchestral use by OUMS:

Contrabassoon – x354 Adler, Markneukirchen
Bass Clarinet – 4029 Buisson, Paris
Bass Clarinet – 4097 Selmer, Paris
Alto Flute – x1149 Hammig, Markneukirchen
Eb Clarinet – 4096 Yamaha

These are available for loan on a first-come-first-served basis. Orchestral ‘fixers’ are not permitted to arrange the loan on behalf of a third-party.

The Bate Collection has no other instruments suitable for modern orchestral use.

Students wishing to use these instruments should contact the Bate Collection to arrange the loan. They will be required to provide a letter of support from their tutor or senior supervisor.


  1. The Bate has a limited number of instruments suitable for use with The Bate Players and the Viol Consort. Application for use of these should be made directly to the Manager of the Bate Collection. Students will be required to provide a letter of support from their tutor or senior supervisor.


  1. Students wishing to have access to instruments in the Collection for research into historical practice should contact the Bate Collection Manager in order to explain their interest. It may be possible to arrange the loan of one of our historical instruments following this process.

Contact the Bate Collection:

Telephone 01865 286261


The Bate Collection is the most comprehensive collection of European woodwind, brass and percussion instruments in Britain. The Bate has over 2000 instruments from the Western orchestral music traditions from the Renaissance, through the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and up to modern times. More than a thousand instruments are on display, by the most important English, French and German makers and from pre- eminent collectors.

The Collection takes its name from Philip Bate who gave his extensive collection of European woodwind musical instruments to the University of Oxford in 1968. As the result of the original condition of gift, that students should have access to and be able to play these instruments, the Bate is unique in that many of the instruments are used.

Since the 1960s, the Collection has grown, in large due to the dedication and support of both individuals and groups such as the Friends of the Bate Collection who have made several gifts. The collection now houses the Reginald Morley-Pegge collection of horns, brass and woodwind instruments; the Edgar Hunt Collection of Recorders; the Taphouse keyboard loans and the Retford Memorial Collection of Bows along with other important collections.

The collection exists as a primary research facility for students of the Faculty and visiting researchers.  Many of the instruments are maintained in playing condition and are regularly used for performances and recitals.

The Bate Collection Loans Procedure

As part of this we run an annual recording competition for undergraduate students; the Bate Recording Prize.

“ really is a wonderful resource and I have enjoyed working in there very, very much.”

Joseph Currie – Bate Recording Prize winner 2013, currently studying MSt in Music (Composition).

The Bate Group